(יעל (אמא של אברמי ויהודה המתוקים

שלום אילנה, !נהיננו מאוד מאוד בצילומים! אין מילים .היית מעל ומעבר, אברמי כל כך נהנה ונשאר עם חוויה חזקה של טעם של עוד :) שוב תודה, וכבר המלצנו לכל החברים

Shmuel Diamond
Diamond Images Photography

Elana Louis is an exceptionally talented photographer! She has a rare ability to interact with her subjects in such a way that she is able to create expressive emotional moments that are very hard to just stumble upon. And due to her funny and caring personality, coupled with the above, her portraiture is natural, sensitive and supremely accurate. Her level of attention to detail, technical mastery and sensitivity to the energies of the image are also rarely come upon. I trust her (without ANY hesitation) to shoot for me in the highest profile situations. In short, Elana is a true professional, and to hire her is a no brainer! Shmuel Diamond

Anaelle Goldman
Ramat Beit Shemesh

I cannot sing Elana's praise highly enough for the amazing job she has been doing with our family pictures over the years. The photos are Flawless while simultaneously natural looking. She has an amazing talent for putting children at ease. We felt emotional just seeing the shots she managed to capture of our family! I would recommend her to anyone looking to do family pictures- it was so worth it!

Briana Bayar

Ohhh my goodness!!!!! I am IN LOVE!!! I just watched it twice in a row at 4:30 AM haha! Wow, the pictures are so so beyond stunning! You did such a fantastic job! Thank you!!! I can’t wait to see them all!! Thank you sooooo much again! I’m just in awe looking at them!

משפ' יעקובוביץ

!אילנה ממש מיוחדת ומקצועית .הגענו עם שלישיה, עוד לא בני שלוש לצילומי חלאקה ...לקחנו בחשבון שיש סיכוי שלא תהיה אפילו תמונה אחת טובה של שלושתם ביחד ושבטח הם יאבדו סבלנות במהרה אבל טעינו בגדול! פשוט עמדנו המומים לראות איך אילנה מצליחה לרכז אותם ולצלם תוך כדי משחק והנאה ...לא שמנו לב איך השעה עוברת במהרה .הילדים כל הדרך חזור שאלו מתי נבוא להצטלם עוד פעם והתמונות היו הפתעה נוספת- מלא תמונות (בתוך שעה),הכל באיכות מדהימה וניכר שהילדים שמחים ומרוצים לא ידענו מה לבחור.. !והשירות והעריכה- מעל המצופה !!מומלץ בחום ושווה גם לבוא מרחוק

Ahuva Katz
Ramat Beit Shemesh

Elana, Yesterday I spent the day going through the pictures you sent me again and again and again. I can't get over how you really captured the moment. Everyone I forwarded the pictures to also commented on how fabulous the pictures were. I am sooo happy! If you ever needed a recommendation, you can send them my way.

טלי פישר

אז הצטלמנו אצל אילנה המההההממת. חלמנו על תמונות כמו שרואים כשעושים חיפוש בגוגל ל"newborn photography", באווירה מושלמת וחלומית שמשדרת משהו מתוק ברמה בינלאומית. ונסענו מירושלים לבית שמש על עוללינו ועלינו, והתכוננו נפשית לכך שהמציאות יכולה לאכזב, ושהילדים לא חתמו חוזה לשיתוף פעולה, וזה יכול לקחת שעות. והכ-ל משמיים. אז הגענו, ותוך 2 דקות אילנה הצליחה לגרום לבת הארבע לוותר על הביישנות ולרקוד לפניה בעליצות. ותוך חצי שעה או פחות, להעמיד אותנו בכל הזוויות וליישם את כל הרעיונות, ולתקתק תמונות תוך כדי שכולם מתגלגלים מצחוק. אז יצאו תמונות מוש. מושלמות. אז הגשמנו את החלום וגם את מה שלא העזנו לחלום!

Hadassa Silver
Lakewood, NJ

Omg!!! Precious!! They're adorable. Ur so talented!

Ora Watson

Elana was great. We loved working with her. She is so kind and was always at the right place at the right time with out being obvious. Thanks again for capturing our simcha in such a beautiful way.

Beit Shemesh

Elana, I just wanted to thank you again for being so AMAZING! Your calm demeanour really made me feel so at ease. I know the kids felt it too! You should have much continued success! I can't wait to see those photos!!

Davi Katz

Elana, We just wanted to say thank you once again. You were so professional, pleasant, and all around wonderful to work with. If you ever need a recommendation, we'd be happy to give one in glowing terms. Thanks so much for enhancing our simcha with your talents.

Shanie Cooper
virtual paint brush, graphic design

I have worked with Elana on several occasions - some for work, and for both my sons' bar mitzvahs, and she is an absolute delight to work with. Aside from the fact that her pictures are stunning, she is so calm and pleasant that she makes the whole process of photographing a large family (over 45 people, half of whom are young children) painless. We've had night shoots, day shoots, indoor, and outdoor, and she always succeeds in making every picture beautiful. I highly recommend her services.

Sari Spira

Elana you are not normally talented!!!

Devorah Hochstadter
Ramat Beit Shemesh

Hi Elana! Thanks again for making it such a positive experience for us and our family and looking forward to seeing the pics soon!

Sacha Rachel Jacob
Ramat Beit Shemesh

Breathtaking work Elana ! I'm totally in love with my daughter all over again. You captured her pure beauty inside and out and I am so excited to have some of these masterpieces on my wall :) I will begin to choose my prints. Happy customer:)

Moshe Sherizen
Oak Park, Michigan

I'm so happy we chose Elana to do our family portraits. With her fun and young spirit she connected right away with our kids enabling them to give their best smiles:) The pictures are beautiful and give grandma and grandpa so much naches. If your looking for pictures that'll make your cute kids look even cuter call Elana today."

Yonah Alexandre Bronstein, Ph.D.
ASTAV, inc. President & CTO

We hired Elana as our photo-pro for our daughter's Bat-Mitzva, which turned out to be a significant event, with lots of family and friends, and all the fun dynamics thereof... Not only did Elana produce professional-level albums which wildly exceeded our expectations, but her tact and people skills enabled her to handle very delicate photo-shoots extremely successfully. And her liveliness & love of the kids showed through in the "live in action" shots! With the resulting photo album feeling more alive than even the videos we filmed... A great experience, most highly recommended.

Beit Shemesh

Shalom Elana, I was extremely impressed by your people skills during the whole event (eucalyptus grove & party itself)! I'm looking forward to the photos as well, but my wife already told me you do a great job... Thanks again for making our Simcha better, and recorded for posterity!

Nava Schreiber
Ramat Beit Shemesh

Elana is simply the best! Always a pleasure to work with! Used her many times over.

Tzipppy Landow
Art Director - ONYX branding group

Thank you so much for the photos, we absolutely love it. We all feel like it added so much to our website, and we couldn't be happier. You captured our personalities perfectly! Thanks again!

Dovi & Daniella Shenkman

Beautiful pictures!!!! Thank you so much for all of your hard work, you are so talented and we are so happy with these gorgeous pictures! You make the kids feel so comfortable and relaxed, resulting in such beautiful pictures. Thank you!!

Yehuda Fulda

Elana is amazing!! We use her for all our family and business jobs.

Mitchel and Marni Benuck
Beit Shemesh

We had the pleasure of using Elana Duchin-Louis as the photographer at our daughter's bat mitzvah. The pictures were absolutely beautiful. Elana was very relaxed and easy to work with. We took family pictures outdoors before the event in rather challenging weather conditions. She not only maintained an easygoing demeanor throughout, but took advantage of unique lighting conditions and produced some stunning shots, turning what we feared was a negative into a real positive. At the party, she was unobtrusive but somehow managed to capture all the special moments of the event. My daughter and her friends thought Elana was fun and engaging. I would highly recommend Elana because of her professionalism, pleasant personality, and excellent results.

Audrey Noll
Counsel | Business Litigation, Financial Restructuring & Bankruptcy FOX ROTHSCHILD LLP

I’m a lawyer who works remotely and needed professional photos to post on my law firm’s website. I chose Elana because I knew she would produce the highest quality headshots. Although I really dislike photo shoots, Elana put me right at ease and worked with me patiently until we had a number of photos showing me in my best light. I’m thrilled with the results and would heartily recommend Elana. She’s a pleasure to work with and her photos will make you proud.

בלה שטיינבלט

אילנה יצא מדהים!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! אין לי מילים!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! אני לא יודעת איזה תמונות לבחור, כולן כל כך יפות!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahuva Davis

My husband needed professional headshots for his new corporate website and Elana was highly recommended. Her work was excellent, and most importantly, prompt.

Michelle Fruchter

Hi Elana, I Just wanted to thank you so much for your amazing work on my husband's ad! We have gotten many, many compliments on it and I wanted to thank you personally. May you have much hatzlacha with your work!!


Miriam Klapper
Ramat Beit Shemesh

Wow - I'm impressed!! I love how you captured their craziness! the ones with us and Rena came out beautiful, and the individuals of the kids too!

רעות אפשטין

!!!זה פשוט מדהים !!!!באמת , סוף הדרך ......לא חלמתי שיצא כ"כ מושלם ....עושה חשק לעוד !!!פשוט השתגעתי מכל תמונה ותמונה !!!אני כבר מחכה להראות לבעלי והילדים.... ולכל המשפחה !!באמת אשתדל לפרסם אותך כי את מדהימה !!!תודה רבה רבה רבה, היה לנו גם חווית צילום וגם הפתעה מתוקה לראות את התוצאה שנה טובה ומתוקה והרבה רגעים מתוקים ומאושרים-

Moshe Lichtenstein

Elana you did a magnificent job. The whole thing was so well planned and executed!

Moshe Dovid and Soroh Cohen
Ramat Beit Shemesh

Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures. We're so happy with them.

Rivka Aminoff

Hi Elana, I just want to thank you again for last night! I haven’t even seen the pictures yet but I know they’ll be fantastic. Your energy and skill were like nothing I’d seen before. Thank you for capturing our simcha and helping to make the event so special!

מלכי ק

הי אילנה, הראנו לשרולי את התמונות המקסימות והוא מיד שאל "אבל איפה אילנה"? הוא מאד מתגעגע אליך:)

Josh Hurewitz,
Ph.D., M.B.A., Business Consulting. Baltimore, MD

As a professional, I have a significant presence on the Web and many people are first introduced to me by first seeing my picture. Elana took the time to ask and then delve into what I wanted to project, and when I was not sure of the exact look, she took the time to educate me on the differences between how different looks would convey different impressions. Not only was the process professional and consultative, but also relaxed. Though I am relatively demanding when I work with professionals, the process and especially the results exceeded my expectations. Elana is my first and only stop for portraits.

Rivka Ester Rothstein

Elana Louis exceeds the description of a mere photographer – she possesses an uncanny intuition as to when to click on a shot and manages to magically capture the essence and beauty of a moment. I’m so grateful I used her to photograph my older daughter’s Bat Mitzvah – truly the photos are lifelong mementos. I’m booking her for my second daughter’s Bat Mitzvah, and if I could predict the dates of future happy occasions, would reserve her already for them as well! Her work isn’t just good, it’s superb.

Daniella Shenkman
Ramat Beit Shemesh

Elana is AMAZING! We have used her numerous times, and we are always so thrilled with our pictures. She is wonderful with kids, and knows just how to make the kids feel comfortable and capture the perfect moments. Highly recommend!! 

Ilana Kedar
Ramat Beit Shemesh

Elana truly has a gift of naturally capturing the essence of a child's personality in a photograph. For our photo family photo session, Elana literally had half an hour to take individual and group photos of our family, which includes five kids, some more cooperative than others. We came out of the photo session with countless stunning pictures, so many that we are having difficulty choosing which ones we want for the blow ups! With her good humor and flexible nature, she truly managed to capture our kids best moments.

Sara Lev

Just looked at them again in detail and I'm enjoying them so much! thanks for doing such a superb job!

Yehuda Fulda
Ganei Haela project manager

They are really great. You did an amazing job. You have my highest recommendations!

מלכי קיוואק

אילנה היא צלמת עם גישה לא רגילה לילדים מהרגע שנפגשנו ראיתי את הסימפטיה שהילד שלי הרגיש כלפיה בשבילו היום תמונות הזה היה חויה שלא תשכח "ומיד כשחזרנו לבית הוא אמר "אני רוצה עוד פעם !התמונות יצאו מאלפות הרבה מעבר למה שדמינו .ברורות וחדות אילנה תפסה את הרגע הנכון, בזוית הנכונה !!!!היינו מאד מרוצים!- אני ממליצה בחום !!!תודה רבה

Yaeli K
Ramat Beit Shemesh

Hi Elana, The pictures are absolutely gorgeous everyone loves them . The whole family is raving about your work! Good shabbos!

​Bracha Wade​

We had a wonderful experience with Elana Louis, for our family photo shoot. As soon as Elana came, she started connecting with the kids, so by the time we started the photo shoot, everyone was warmed up and comfortable. The picture results are incredible - she really captured ​our kids personalities. Elana took really special shots. As my 3 yr old sums up: "Next time I​ want Elana to be my Mommy" We highly recommend Elana for a family photo shoot.

Judy and Menahem

Hi, Elana -- we thank you so very much for all the extra effort on your part to have our album ready for our friends (who changed their plans!). We so enjoyed working with you, and we were very impressed with the quality of the pictures we saw on your computer. Hence the difficulty making choices! We are looking forward with great eagerness to getting the album! Both our daughters and we will surely recommend you to anyone who needs a photographer in Israel !! Thanks again,

Rivka Recht

It was a real pleasure to work with Elana Duchin, she is extremely professional and warm and she got my kids to smile! Before she took pictures of my baby she said, "wait let me become friends with him first!" and she played with him and hugged him a bit, so he wouldn't be scared of her. My older son is a real character, but Elana knew just how to speak to him "I don't let you smile!" and she got terrific shots of him too. My daughter is three going on eighteen, and when Elana handed her cell phone over, my daughter was grinning into the phone, and into the camera! We snapped some family photos too, and Elana managed to capture the nature of each family member in those photos as well. Sifting through the gorgeous pictures is a treat, and I'm only left with the dilemma of which ones to enlarge, they are all so beautiful! We took our pictures Erev Shabbos and Elana had a way of making it fun, non stressful and enjoyable. She did an amazing job, and we will treasure these beautiful photos forever.

Yehuda Myers
"Mr. Handyman"

Elana is an outstanding photographer. She has an abundance of talent, she takes great care of every detail, very artistic and is very pleasant to work with. 5 stars!! Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity


Katz Family
Ramat Beit Shemesh

Elana they're beautiful. Thank you so much! I get lots so much enjoyment from seeing your pictures. I would recommend you to everyone Hatzlacha rabah!

Aleeza Leebowitz

The pictures are so great thank you so much!!!

Spira Family

Elana has an exceptional talent with the camera, took amazing shots of everyone involved in our photo shoot, and did an amazing job getting the impatient kids to cooperate! We highly recommend her!!

Haim and Miriam Beinash
Ramat Beit Shemesh

Wow Elana, the photo's are stunning! Thank you so much !!

פנינה ברט

"אילנה צלמת מצוינת! התמונות מהאירוע יצאו מקסימות. מעבירות חוויה, מרגשות וכיף להסתכל בהן שוב ושוב

Jeremy Staiman
Staiman Media, Ramat Beit Shemesh

We are floored! You are awesome!!!! Thanks so much!

Chana Rabinowitz
Ramat Beit Shemesh

Oh my gosh- these are JUST SO AMAZING!!!!!! You are so so talented. BH. Thank you for sending these- I wasn't expecting any so soon!

Sari Spira

Elana has an exceptional talent with the camera, took amazing shots of everyone involved in our photo shoot, and did an amazing job getting the impatient kids to cooperate! We highly recommend her!!