Elana Louis Photography

Capture your moments. Perfectly.

You want photos that capture your family, your events and your business creatively and perfectly.

My name is Elana Louis, and I work to capture photos that do exactly what you want.

Breathtaking Imagery 

My cutting edge photography is where the magic happens. Top of the line equipment, revolutionary techniques, and creative art come together to give you beautiful, ethereal photos. Based in Ramat Beit Shemesh, I use the surrounding natural beauty to assist me in capturing beauty and power, and to bring out the natural beauty within each subject. I take the time to explore your family, your business landscape, your bat mitzvah atmosphere and the star of the event. I delve deep into the heart of what you want to capture. I then use every effort to achieve results that create your vision, and extend them even further.

Imagine dreaming of the perfect concepts and photo results, that are so powerful you can’t put them into words. And then imagine getting just that, impeccably delivered, promptly, seamlessly and easily.

The Full Picture
I work with you. We’re partners in creating your dream photos. I trust and listen to your input, and then develop and actualize it with professional care and dedication. I bring my skills, years of experience and heart to your photo shoot. I keep my eyes wide open to capture every moment you never want to forget. I keep my creative perspective sharpened so you can get pictures from a completely unique angle. So that when you look at your photos, they don’t just show what happened. They show the pulse, the crux, the life force, beneath the surface of your events, your business, and your family. The best results, easily, quickly, and perfectly.

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