Family Photo-shoots

This is a story of a family. Your family.

See that boy over there? His eyes are clear and bright, and you can tell he was just laughing a minute ago. He likes cars and he loves building forts with his box of Legos.

See that girl dancing there?  She loves to ride her bike and dance in ballet slippers.  She charms strangers with her delicious smile, and even when she fights with her brother, they make up and rub their noses together.

How do I know this?  How do you know this just from looking at this picture? 

I get down on the floor with your children, and explore with them. I get to know who they are. I get them to laugh. I get them to smile that same delicious smile they have when you give them the Chanukah present they were dreaming about for months. I capture the sweetness you see when they whisper “I love you, mommy”, and that warm love that fills you when they hug you straight out of the bath wrapped in a fluffy towel.

If you want photos where the props outshine your children, then I’m not the photographer for you.

If you want photos where it looks like your children are saying “cheese” and stretching their lips too wide and too tight in a fake attempt to smile, I’m definitely not the photographer for you.

But if you want something real, I’m here for you. 

If you want to take a playful, happy minute in the life of your family and preserve it for eternity, I’m here to capture that moment perfectly with the warmth, the feeling, and the unspoken undertones.

They’re not just pictures of your children. They’re portraits celebrating your precious family, and your children at their real best.  My photos capture your family’s personality and your children's yummy spirits.  Their mischief, their camaraderie between the squabbles, and the smiles that creep out after their tantrums. They’re photos that will sweep you in with their magic decades later.  Forty years from now, you will still feel your children’s laughter, their unstoppable enthusiasm, and their wide-eyed wonder. 

If you want to capture and preserve this important stage of your family in a vivid, gorgeous and so true-to-life way -- 

Call me so we can start capturing the best in the life of your family.