Bat-Mitzvah Parties

When you have Elana Louis Bat Mitzvah Photography documenting your bat mitzvah, you’ll have photos of every important moment. Your dear family and your friends, the gentle hug between you and your grandmother, your best friends and you in cool, fun poses. 

You’ll have these moments in your heart, and your album, forever.

At bat mitzvah parties, I’m friendly, chilled and interact positively to get the best pictures for you. Every minute is spent super-focused so that I capture every special moment. You don’t want any beautiful moments to miss the opportunity to be captured for posterity, and neither do I.

The day usually passes in a surreal blur. Your parents and you have spent weeks preparing and planning, and it’s only when you sit down with your photos that you can savor and appreciate every facet of the experience. That’s why your pictures need to be amazing, and that’s why I give you my all at your bat mitzvah so you can treasure that.

Creative. Unique. Mindful.

I blend in at your bat mitzvah so that everything flows smoothly. You don’t need a photographer in the way. You need a great photographer who can capture the frontlines and between the lines from the sideline.


You’re awesome, fabulous and epic. And your bat mitzvah pics will be too.

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